Friday, January 18, 2002

I've just realised how much I admire people that can get blogs up and running and then keep them up to date on a daily basis; or even several times a day.I've been working so hard recently that there's been no time to do anything, much less keep this blog up to date, or even my website at diverdiver. There's so much I want to cover - I really want to take a look at e-government globally and build an index of who is doing what, how it's going and who's using it. That's going to take some time, but I think it will take some of the hype out of it all. All countries that I talk to are learning how to do this stuff, there isn't a clear roadmap, there's no-one to copy. Except what we're doing of course ;) They'll be big news on Monday 21st January 2002. Come back then to see what it is.

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