Saturday, February 23, 2002

Another good article on VNUnet - "E-government requires careful management, skilful co-ordination of all the departments concerned, and a clear understanding of the technical and organisational problems that remain to be solved occurs on a macro scale and requires an enormously determined and talented individual to push it forward.". It would be nice to think that it's going to take only one person. Delivering e-government is going to take a whole range of people a lot of time - we are backing up against 400 years of history here (in the UK). The author notes that the only online service that anyone gets excited about is online tax discs. I beg to differ. The challenge is to deliver services that make a difference, but that can't be done all at once. Early work must concentrate on looking at the services as they are and translating them to the web (the baby steps of implementation); only then can government move to joined up services, reducing bureaucracy and making due process simpler. At the same time as the "e" stuff is being worked at the front end, there needs to be a programme of dramatic changes at the backend.

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