Saturday, February 23, 2002

I always love quotes from people with agendas, "Enterprise application integration (EAI) can help [departments share data] but they must be permitted to do so", says a consultant from Accenture. Hmmm. Wonder if they have a bid in somewhere. Departments can and do share data in many cases - where they have the legal right to do so. Blindly saying that the Data Protection Act must change to make e-government work is largely missing the point. Much can be done before you get to that point - single point to point transactions need to be put in place. For instance, generating a Self Assessment return from data held by the Inland Revenue does not need changes; working out pension forecasts does not; delivering vehicle tax discs online does not. And then another quote from the same text "The public need to have confidence that the information is safe. Security has to improve". What? I don't think that's the big stopper at all.

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