Saturday, March 02, 2002

Interesting piece on the efforts of US e-government. It's from a survey sponsored by EDS, so it has to be caveated at least a bit. But it says 51% of americans have visited government web sites (although that might include all the people who read the Ken Starr report on Clinton of course). It also says that people are worried about security and that is stopping them from using existing services. I'm not sure I buy this and wonder what the question asked. It could have been "Would you use e-government more if there was a guarantee of perfect security?" or "Do you worry about security when you use e-government services?". If it was a list of X things: Privacy, Security, Data Integrity, Usefulness etc and you had to choose that might have been better. I will see if I can get the report. But, what I see in my little world is people (and hundreds of them) quite willing to send confidential tax details to the government via e-mail, hardly an indication of security concerns.

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