Saturday, April 06, 2002

Not strictly e-government, but relevant nonetheless... A quick quote from Tom Peters (weekly mail 03.04.02). ""Hate" is not a word I cotton to. (Especially as the World seems within millimeters of exploding in an epic rage ... which just might engulf us all.). But I do reserve the right to use the word "hate" upon rare occasions. One, especially. Yes ... I HATE ... anyone who sees complex issues in Black & White terms. HOW STUPID. To be sure, leaders must upon occasion paint portraits in B & W ... (Is that what's going on now?). But by & V-E-R-Y large ... life is messy. V-E-R-Y messy". I love this. And how relevant it is too. e-Government is not black/white, success/fail, good project/bad project ... it's early days and things are trending the right way. Epic change does not come in a day. We're making magic. Tom goes on to say "Beware the Champions of Order. Those who prescribe "rules" for tidy & righteous living ... which will vault you into the Pantheon of the Gods. Hey, bro, it doesn't work that way. I.e.: Get a life! Enjoy the mess!". Oh Yes. So you go you journalists, tell me the rules for tidy and righteous project management.

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