Thursday, April 04, 2002 chose to put the boot in the most dramatically, singling me out (although, strangely enough, not naming me) for the hardest hit. Well, if that's all you've got, bring it on. I'm up to the challenge of delivering the services that will make the difference. And, by the way, when we met, I was hardly "boasting" of success - I was telling you what I thought, what might happen, what might cause it to happen and why... I look forward to the follow-up stories a year from now. Mark it in your diary. Silicon did a second, lighter-weight piece today as well. If the best that can be done is regurgitate months-old audit reports (note - the data is from August 2001) rather than do a decent bit of investigation that looks at what is available now, what will become available etc, then perhaps I am in the wrong job. I could work a lot fewer hours.

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