Saturday, May 11, 2002

I liked this a lot ... a quick wrap-up on e-voting pilots from the local elections from a site I just found VoxPolitics "ZDNET gives two thumbs up, Kable net gives one thumb up, Silicon heralds "flop". In other news the FT quotes Electoral Commission boffin saying no security problems, New Media Age links the trials to thorny old ID Card problems, and the Birmingham Post says nothing much. The Electoral Reform Society reaffirms the "Jury still out" consensus. Meanwhile the IPPR brands the experiments "tokenistic" saying that "The answer does not lie in tinkering with how we vote, for example enabling voting by post or text message", which might come as news to the Digital Society team doing a project on exactly that. Still, they got a piece in the Glasgow Herald". I do love that the same data prompts so many diverse views. How could we cope without that? P.S. I found the VoxPolitics link from John Gotze's site.

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