Saturday, May 18, 2002

I love research ... picking up on the point noted in the Guardian article on the DTV usage plans research (carried out as part of a wider study by KPMG), Kablenet has some views. Voxpolitics also picks up on it (and saves me the trouble of looking for all the links, thank you). Apparently e-voting is thought to be the most likely service to be used. I think that's good, and I'd certainly agree that it's got to be front and centre in our plans - although the downside is that it happens once every few years for most people (unless we go the USA route and get people to vote for fire marshalls, sheriffs, water board officials or whatever and that makes the entry point harder to manage. That is, how do you give people userid/password/password/token etc if they're not going to use it very often. The most interesting stat is that 60% of people want to use public sector services online, but only 15% have (slightly lower than our own research which shows about 20%) ... that tells us a lot about the need to make the services more compelling (ugh! Horrible word I know, but come up with a better one) - more engaging, more useful, quicker, better than the offline world and so on. Absolutely vital that we do that - and there is noone anywhere in government that would argue with it. It takes some thinking, some re-engineering and some mistakes and cockups. After all, behind every successful year in a person's life are lots and lots of unsuccessful ones (at least that's the way it's worked for me). Measure what we do a year from now, let's see if we're making the right progress: usage ticking up, transactions available ... I'm watching Gateway transaction use double versus last year, ukonline usage triple January's number so I know we're heading there.

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