Saturday, May 18, 2002

Mobile services for e-government ... it all started with an article by Steve Ranger at Computing (not AccountancyAge as common myth seems to think). From there, much to my surprise, the news travelled far and wide in the blink of an eye ... The BBC, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, The Standard, Metro (certainly the London edition) and, happily, The Register. Being the naive soul that I am, I was fascinated to see the same story represented in different ways in different publications - with views ranging from "fat chance" to "what a good idea". Broadly tending to the latter view though, I'm pleased to say. I'm pretty upbeat about this project and will be looking to see it happen quickly (quickly = real word timetable, not government timetable) ... and, bearing in mind the Guardian's story on DTV, I've clearly got to find someone to write some rapid policy on this for me and then roll out the service across all providers simultaneously.

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