Sunday, July 21, 2002

Being driven mad today by my wi-fi network nodes suddenly losing contact. Well, that's not quite true. Everything can see everything else and I can even surf the web wirelessly - but I can't exchage files anymore. Harder than hard. No wonder no-one is buying new technology just now, it's got beyond the capability of the everyday person (if it was ever within that capability). A little while ago I bought a new phone, a Nokia 8910 and a I also got one of the new O2 XDA's to try out. Getting all the numbers off my old 6210 and into the new phone and PDA was a real challenge. The 8910 needs infra-red - the existing datacables I have don't fit; Sony have stopped putting infra-red on their laptops. Even if I do manage to get the numbers onto the new phone (which I haven't), all the settings I have (like which people are in which group, what the default ring tone is, what the speed dial buttons are etc) are all lost. Why can't I just send the config to a server in the sky (wirelessly of course) and then download it when I swop the SIM to the new phone? Is that really too hard? If Nokia and the others think that there's a new upgrade cycle coming, they'd better be ready for a serious backlash as people realise that their precious settings are long gone and non-transferable. Let's not even go into the XDA and getting the software off my Ipaq and onto that - changes in button mappings, new things to learn. What a pain.

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