Saturday, July 06, 2002

John Lettice, at The Register, was the first to pick up on our recent launch of a trial service with MSN Messenger and it's "tab function". John's got a thing about me delivering a whole different kind of "e", although I'm not sure that government would be too impressed with those funny sweeties he refers to being stamped with a "UKonline" logo. And fancy even thinking I'd drive a beamer. John also spotted a glitch in our recent upgrade of the Gateway - we fixed that a few hours after he pointed it out. My favourite quote? This one ... "Given that a lot of people do use Messenger, it's difficult to argue that this is an experiment the UK government shouldn't be performing. But we'll try anyway". And try he did. Still, nothing sinister here - just trying to find new ways to reach people who may not know the UKonline brand and may have no idea what government has to offer online. And I loved the last dig - had I not mentioned the "monitoring of chat sessions", I'm quite sure John would have done it for me. I'd like to think that this could be huge if we can sign up AOL, Yahoo and any others. As we've often said ... "people don't browse government, they turn up for something ... and they expect it to be there for them". If we get this right, we can make it so that government turns up to people and tells them what's there. Imagine that.

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