Monday, August 26, 2002

There was a good round of stories on what we're up to a few weeks ago. Computing/Vnunet did a front page version, with a followup on page 4 outlining some of the plans for delivering government services via mobile phones. This is a follow-up to the stuff from a couple of months ago, but this time in more detail. We have most of what we talked about in the interview in R&D today and want to move to pilot soon. There are always two effects of an article in the press: (1) lots of people in government who didn't know that we were doing "x", email and ask if they can work with us (this is great!) and (2) lots of suppliers send me email, or send other people in the office email to tell us that they have exactly the thing that we need to do "x", no questions asked, just buy it and you'll see (this is not so great, except in the rare case where the supplier really does have something that will help). The articles I'm talking about came in 3 parts: one, two and three. And, in the Hitchhiker's tradition of trilogies, I've just found a 4th part.

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