Sunday, September 01, 2002

A couple of weeks ago I sat through a supplier presentation on web services. The supplier was convinced that they could act as a "gatekeeper" between the user and their desires - reviewing, verifying and approving "web services" and then presenting them to the user for their consumption. The company's brand is strong, although perhaps tainted somewhat by previous experience the customer might have had with it. But still, it didn't seem to me that this was a model that was going to work. There's been a lot of hype over web services for a long time. I'm proud that more than 18 months ago I was part of the team that brought the Government Gateway online - the first web service to become publicly available (and one that opened up government to the private sector, supported digital certificates and several other firsts). I thought about writing up my thoughts on web services, UDDI, SOAP and all those other good words, but then I found out that someone else had already done a better job than I could hope to. So, a visit to John Gotze's web site is worth your while, whatever your knowledge on web services. You want the posts from August 21st and before. John's given me some ideas about what we should look at next in the UK and I'm looking at them now. Don't you just love how much pan-government sharing of ideas goes on with e-government - it's unlike any other discipline in the public sector.

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