Sunday, September 29, 2002

The Inland Revenue made the news again this week, for the wrong reasons. The online Self Assessment service struggled with some big volumes - causing slow response times. The IR responded by asking that users not use the site between 7pm and 11pm. I've heard that volume is perhaps 10x the levels seen last year at the same time, although the IR have said so far that volume to date is far ahead of the volume received during the whole of last year. That said, while wandering the 'net looking for personal health insurance I found that the BUPA site was down - so it's not just government sites that are having a tough time. The ironic thing is, I guess, that no "user" puts a requirement into a system specification that says "when volume reaches 2% of total potential, please crash/slow down". Government departments certainly don't do that. There is a lot to learn with this technology.

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