Sunday, September 01, 2002

The other thing that's been on my mind for the last few days is the "soup to nuts" VNUnet piece. The author of said piece appears to be Julian Patterson, who also writes the "Mole" column on VNUnet (VNU, funnily enough, is down now ... I don't know whether it's me or something else, but VNU always seems to be down when I'm writing these notes, so I can't point to Mole). Mole's main point was that, although we've moved from "no plan" to "some plan", this plan is not enough and we are doomed to failure. I don't remember the exact quote (and I can't point to it right now) but it was along the lines of "marvel at the complexity .... is it credible ... no ...". Mole tells us that the idea of building central blocks of infrastructure is doomed to failure in a world as complicated as government, where nothing is the same, and, moreover, even if we could do it, the timeframe would be more like 10-15 years rather than 3-4. I've turned this over several times, over and over again. It doesn't pay to ignore feedback - and good feedback is hard to find. More on this next time I post later in the week.

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