Sunday, September 01, 2002

What I'm not too happy about today is the amount of time I've spent getting my whizzy new Nokia 7650 phone to work. No bonus points for you guys at Nokia, in fact no points at all. How any code released in the last month can tell me "this program has not been tested on this operating system and results may be unpredictable" when I'm running XP is beyond me. It took me about 2 hours straight to get the contacts off my old 6210 and onto the new one ... 542 contacts all together. And that doesn't include the time I spent tracking down an Infrared interface for my desktop (I couldn't get the install disc to work at all on my laptop). And, now that it's all there, I find the phone is about 3-4x slower with all the contacts there than the 6210. How can that be? I'll think some more about this and then tell you why it's important for Nokia, for me and for e-government that this next generation of mobile phones work slickly. I'll post that stuff tomorrow.

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