Monday, April 07, 2003


A while ago, Phil Windley posted something that piqued my interest. He had plans to use his Ericsson T68i as a "presence proxy" so that if he went near his PC, it would sign him into Apple's ichat or start playing his favourite tunes. I filed that,at the time, as possible one of the most useful things to do with bluetooth - there are few that I have come across, except for headsets which I am told fry your brain more than even GSM phones. The other day, I came across Fastchat who have a widget that allows you to do Instant Messenger on your mobile phone (as long as you have a Nokia 7650 or 3650, although other phones are in the "coming soon" box). So, I wondered: If you combined Phil's presence proxy with Fastchat's software on your phone, when you were within range of your PC, it would sign you into your PC to do Messenger there. If you moved away, Fastchat would sign you out on your PC and sign you in on your phone. Messenger would change it's status icon to "Mobile" so that people knew you were around but might be slower to respond (unless you are 14 and can do text faster than you can type). I have no idea how you'd do something like that, but it seemed like a good thing to me. And it would definitely represent convergence. The end of boring meetings is nigh as I might soon be able to IM friends while I look like I am taking notes or allocating tasks on my p800.

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