Monday, January 24, 2005

Marathon Training

A little under 3 months to go before Marathon day and training is going well. I'm a little slower than I remember being but it is 5 years and 2 stone since I last ran these kind of distances. I've scheduled a half marathon the month before the full one, at Silverstone. That's going to be weird - one lap of the track in 2 hours or so; Schumacher does it in a couple of minutes. Donations to Macmillan have been fantastic so far. The total, including contributions from HM Revenue and Customs is £1,867.37. Way over 50% of the target I set and still plenty of time to go. There's a worrying trend started by one Mr Freeman that doubles the money if I run in a tutu. Of course, there's potential here, but far, far more money will have to be pledged to make that happen.

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