Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Marathon Fund Raising Update

Just checking where I've got to with the fundraising ... and delighted to see that my initial target of £3,000 has been achieved. Thank you very much to all those who have already donated - Macmillan are right now thinking about how and where to spend your money to get the most value. Naturally enough, I'm going to raise the target now ... and head for £5,000. That would be an awesome target to reach! The question of the tutu raised again with Bernie suggesting that he will double it if I run in a suit and tie (thank god, not my birthday suit and a tie) ... are there any takers on that? I have to say that a suit and tie, whilst not particularly great sounding, is a whole lot better than a tutu.


  1. Anonymous11:16 am

    No,no,no,no! Got to be a dress, not even a short one. Don't be soft and get the dress on. It's for charity. Actually you might feel more uncomfortable in a tie. Either way then. S

  2. Anonymous5:23 pm

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