Saturday, March 12, 2005

Marathon Update

Zooming along in one of those sleek new Virgin trains going north this week I couldn't help but notice the proliferation of sleek laptops (all handily plugged into the new, at seat power capability), high end headphones (an awful lot of Bose noise reduction models) and ipods throughout the carriage. What are most folks doing on their laptops? They're furiously clicking away with rapid, precise movements of the mouse. Perhaps manipulating a complicated spreadsheet I thought? Maybe working their way through a slide deck they're giving to the board later in the day? Nope. Minesweeper. Tomorrow is the half marathon at Silverstone so it will be up early to dash up to the famous race track where I'm sure that Schumacher and the like do loops in a minute and a half or so. Us, the daft enough to do it 15,000 (estimated), will be doing 3 sort of laps (there's a weird jig in the middle that seems to go across the middle of the field). And if I get done inside 2 and a half hours with the way my leg has been giving me grief, I'll be delighted. All I need is for the sun to hold on, the wind to always be behind me and the dancing girls to be waiting at the end.


  1. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Great trains, hopefully the other mainline operators will get with the programme soon. Now all we need is free wireless... Hope the 1/2 went well today - shin splints can be a real bugger. Only real remedy is rest unfortunately.

  2. Anonymous9:20 am

    An alternative to Minesweeper is this neat little vid on ePassports.{E980DE23-B484-450C-AE0B-3AB4E4E3ED0B}

    Let's know if you lapped Schumacher