Sunday, March 27, 2005

Marathon Update

After nearly 3 months of slow, hampered training because of the shin splints I had in my right leg, perhaps things are back on track now. Shin splints are a funny thing - apparently they don't exist, but the term is in such widespread use that the medical community have perhaps given up the battle. At least I didn't have a stress fracture which is what everyone initially feared. So, new shoes, new socks, new running style and lots of physio and I am back on the run, so to speak. Last week I finished the Silverstone Half Marathon (finished, note, rather than finished in a good time); On Friday I managed a 10k faster than I did in the Nike Run London event last November (54 mins versus 55m 16s) - I can't believe it's taken me that long to get my leg sorted; And today I ran another half marathon, through the streets of London with the added hazard of dodging tourists. I even bumped into Gordon Ramsay on the way round - who said he wasn't training for the marathon? My finishing time on the 17th isn't going to be anything special, that's for sure. So perhaps I will add the New York race in November to my plan and try and get in better shape over the summer.

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