Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Marathon Update

With my fundraising for Macmillan at £3,600, I thought I'd share the advice on running the marathon that my friend James has just shared with me: 1. Eat lots of pasta the night before. 2. Drink lots of beer the night before, but real ale not fizzy lager and best not more than 8 pints. 3. Eat pasta with honey on it for breakfast at about 6.00 am. No beer though. 4. Do loads of stretches before,and if necessary during the run 5. Attempt to drink all and any liquid they offer you during the run! 6. Try and stay focused during the run... I found staying focussed on Julia Carling wearing a wonderbra was quite uplifting. 7. Don't be tempted to stop for a beer any where on the route, even if it is an interesting looking pub you've not been in before- save yourself for later. 8. Do loads of stretches afterwards (probably more important than the pre-race ones) 9. Don't bother with the free bag of stuff they give you at the end- it's full of low-calorie, low fat, low interest experimental snacks. And sachets of personal grooming products aimed at Bridget Jones. You've just expended more calories than a rutting hippopotamus and are a stone-and-a-half lighter then you were that morning- so you need low calorie snacks?!? I would suggest chips, the proper dense, greasy sort not MaccyD's "fries". 10. Don't stop moving when you reach the end- I kept going right to Charing cross tube, and was in the pub 30 minutes later. 11. Drink lots of beer when/as soon after you finish. 12. Oh- and don't write your name large on your T-shirt like the brochures/magazines suggest. Otherwise you will get loads of patronising (but probably well meaning) voyeurs (the same kinds of people who turn out in droves to see royal weddings, funerals, and public lynchings) whining "Come on Alan, you can do it!" in the last couple of Km, which I guarantee you is enough to make you want to abandon the race to spend the next hour punching well meaning voyeurs on the nose. 13.Oh, and choose good socks. Those 1000mile ones are good and seem to prevent blisters. 14. And remember, there are no losers in the marathon, the only losers are the lightweights who take the monday off work afterwards!! Sounds like an interesting plan. I had no idea Julia Carling was running. I'll have to keep an eye out for her.


  1. Dave Clark9:58 pm

    send me your e-mail sometime Alan - interested to see what your up to now !

    Dave C - DJCX100@aol.com

    I'll sponsor you if you do!

  2. If in doubt, duct tape the area of your feet that is most prone to blisters. I agree, wear thousand mile double lined socks. If your'e carb loading, then in the week before the race you need three days carb starvation and gentle running, until you feel like yopu have the flu and then carb load a smuch as you can. From experience, you notice the difference at eighteen miles. Take a small pouch with what used to be called Lepping gel with you and try and eat it en route. I don't know what it's called now, it's a few years since I stopped running ultra marathons! - SimonM