Thursday, January 05, 2006

A 10 year retrospective

We've been e-governing for 10 years now. Time, I thought, for a brief look back. Rather than publish here, Public Sector Forums have been kind enough to post for me. Visit their site and take a look - you'll need to register if you're not already a member (but that's a good thing, there's lots of other stuff to look at - and I'd especially recommend a quick read of Ian Cuddy's look back at 2005).


  1. Anonymous2:21 pm

    In your piece, you state that most people still go to the post office to buy new tax discs. I didn't. In fact, I didn't last year either. I purchased mine on-line, having been prompted to by the renewal notice. It was easy, quick and my tax disc turned up a couple of days later. Am I alone?

  2. You might be alone ... I didn't know you could get a tax disc online, but you're right. Here's the link from

    It turns out that I fail most of not all of the conditions that would allow me to buy online but maybe next year they'll send me the form.

    But therein lies my point. Every year I buy insurance for my car - I have to (well, I don't have to, but if I'm not paying insurance then I'm probably not paying for a tax disc either) by law. So why isn't the insurance and tax disc process closely coupled - one transaction rather than two? Why should the DVLA folks need to send me a form?

    That said, I applaud DVLA for getting to this stage, it looks like a step forward - but it incrementally changes the existing process rather than throwing it away and starting from a new point, as the transformational government agenda might require.

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