Sunday, February 19, 2006

Japlish Lives

New trainers arrived this weekend and with 1000km clocked up on the old ones, it's time they went. They came with a "free" pedometer which I tried out today. It clocked around 6,900 paces on a 22km run. That can't be right. The instructions offer the solution though: If "... not all your steps were detected ... mount the pedometer properly and ensure your walking method is right" - I have to walk in a certain way? They do warn that "false mounting or walking way will possibly arouse inaccurate result" - Mounting? Arouse? Where did these guys learn their English? Note though "... Precise instrument it is and be sure operated and maintained properly ... " - Yoda speak? It comes with a radio but "Due to reception environment, the station listening may be jumped off" Seems to me that they've fed the original through babelfish and back a few times.

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