Friday, June 02, 2006

New York Marathon November 2006

I've got a place in the NY Marathon so, all being well, I'll be out there for a week in early November. It's billed as the biggest marathon in the world with around 50,000 runners - about the same as the Great North Run (which is a 1/2 marathon). There's a really weird "simulation" of the course on the marathon web site. When I tried it, matching with people in my age group, I was still at mile 16 when the others were done already. I'm going to have to get faster. Lots of people were very generous and gave donations to Macmillan for the London race helping me raise over £7,300. This time I'm going to change the approach and try and get as many people as possible to donate just £10 to Macmillan, so I'll be canvassing far and wide to get pretty much everyone I've ever met and anyone who's met them to donate. I'll set up a page to do that soon - a sort of milliondollardonation page.


  1. Congratulations, you'll have a great time. I ran it in 1994 and will never forget it, although that stretch from 16 to 20 up 1st Avenue is pretty tough.

  2. Thanks Dan; looking forward to it. think the central park hills will be where i struggle - there are no hills along the thames other than wandsworth bridge