Friday, June 02, 2006

Robert De Niro's waiting

Hanno sperato tratteggiato al pavimento come i sogni teenage frantumati. Il portello seguente vivente dei ragazzi non è mai che cosa sembrano. Una camminata nel parco può transformarsi in in un sogno difettoso La gente è staring e seguente lo. Ciò è la mia soltanto fuga da esso tutta: Guardare una pellicola o una faccia sulla parete. Attesa del Robert de Niro italiano di comunicazione. I've been trying to learn Italian for the last few months - mostly when I've been out on long runs - and one of the first things I learned is that the present tense is often used instead of the future. So "I'm going out" could mean I'm going out now or it could mean I'm going out tomorrow, i.e. I will go out. Michel Thomas explains it better. Too many people in the business world are talking in the present tense about what they're planning to do. As I've said before, having a policy is not the same as delivering it just like having a plan is not the same as making it happen. Folks I work with and around seem to be doing the same. They'll say "we've saved a £1 million" but they mean that they plan to. They'll say "we've piloted and rolled out this programme" but they mean they're thinking about the rollout. They're talking Italian. You might have recognised the lyrics above as machine translated from a Bananarama song: Hope's dashed to the floor like shattered teenage dreams. Boys living next door are never what they seem. A walk in the park can become a bad dream People are staring and following me. This is my only escape from it all: Watching a film or a face on the wall. Robert de Niro's waiting talking italian. As Henry Ford said, "you can't build a reputation on what you plan to do".


  1. Anonymous2:37 am

    I blame the Sopranos.

    Soundsl like you better learn the meaning of stronzo.

  2. Anonymous12:57 am

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    Euvou,´pra copacabana
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    O meu francês
    Acorda vem me dar um cheiro
    Deixa eu sentir tua forma por inteiro
    Brilha num sorriso,fala num olhar
    Banho de rosado,mas pra que se envergonhar
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  3. Anonymous8:36 pm

    This is the longest time without a blog posting since the site began. Working too hard?