Saturday, July 08, 2006

New York Marathon November 2006

My fundraising page is up on justgiving ... you can find it here. I'm asking anyone who donates for this race to give just £10, but to pass the sponsorship request on to friends, colleagues and family. I'd like to raise awareness of Macmillan. I'm back in training after a couple of months off. Last Sunday was my first 10k run since the end of April - and what a day the organisers picked for the British 10k. It was around 25C at the start and just got hotter. The route went from Hyde Park Corner to the river, along towards Tower Bridge, over Westminster Bridge and then finished near Downing Street, with lots of doubling back (5, maybe 6 times along the route). The only shade was in the road tunnels near Southwark Bridge, but that didn't stop lots of people from running close to the trees, hoping for even a little shade. It didn't help that the water handed out was as warm as we were, but I was grateful for it anyway. I finished in 48m 18s - not bad considering the heat and, actually, not far off my recent best - but there were what seemed like thousands of people just reaching the 1km marker when I was already at the 8km point. There must have been a huge number of late starters. By the time I was done the temperature in the open was around 30C, so much credit to everyone who got round.

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