Thursday, March 01, 2007

Odd Signz

Walking through deepest Chiswick a couple of days ago I came across this sign. The ever reliable has this to say about "appliances": instrument, apparatus, or device for a particular purpose or use.
2.a piece of equipment, usually operated electrically, esp. for use in the home or for performance of domestic chores, as a refrigerator, washing machine, or toaster.
3.the act of applying; application.
4.Archaic. a measure; stratagem.
5.Obsolete. compliance.
–verb (used with object) equip with appliances: a fully applianced kitchen.
I was left wondering as I walked away exactly why the washing machines and fridges would be turning. A formal display? A little ballet practice before being sold? A pas de deux by a toaster perhaps?


  1. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Whats an appliCance?
    Is there no spell checker on your blog uploader?


  2. good to see that your razor sharp eye sight is as undimmed as your razor sharp wit dc.

  3. Anonymous12:37 pm

    The "fire engine" as we all know it is actually a "fire appliance"

    thought I'd just mention that - Derren