Monday, August 25, 2008

Outlook, Exchange & Entourage - Moving from PC to Mac

File this in the "I can't believe I haven't done this before" box. I've done it now though. Finally. I've moved my email to a hosted exchange provider. It was simple; far simpler than I'd have imagined.

I set up the service - I use Sherweb - in about 20 minutes across 3 Macs and an iPhone. That didn't include the time to install Office 2008 on one of the Macs - so add 30 minutes or so for doing that if you haven't already done it.

Moving my email from the hard drive of my MacBook Air was as simple as selecting a huge set of it, dragging it and dropping it into my server-based inbox. I had my calendar in iCal so I synced it to the Exchange server and that was done. Contents, from Address Book, ditto.

So if I move Macs later, or even move back to a PC, I guess I'll never have to go through the whole conversion process again, unless I manage to find something that doesn't support exchange - and I really can't see myself doing that anytime soon.

What are the flaws? I haven't found any so far. It just works. That has to be a good sign given if anyone could have found a way to break it, it would have been me.


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  2. Anonymous11:50 pm

    that's fascinating, really helpful. zzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz

  3. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog after getting now help from Sherweb themselves. I AM a tech savy guy but I've converted over to sherweb and not matter what url I try I can not get the Mac Address Book to sync to the address book it always says:

    iSync couldn't connect to Exchange

    Could not reach the server specified.

    What url did you input into Address Book to get it to reach the server?

  4. Anon ... I aync my address book via entourage (preferences/sync services). i haven't tried to do it directly. that help? alan

  5. I'm on sherweb as well - running into the same roadblock as reader above with Address Book and exchange. I'm currently using entrouage and it works perfectly except that i found out that you can't sync photos that you attach to a contact. Now, I know it seems trivial, but i just got an iphone and call me crazy, but i like seeing pictures of people that are calling me. Since i couldn't do it with entourage, i'm giving Address Book a shot - but CAN'T SEEM TO GET IT TO RECOGNIZE MY EXCHANGE SERVER. Giving me fits!