Friday, November 21, 2008

Seasonal Milestones

When I first joined UK government, in February 2001, I did a short presentation - to the top 200 or so people in the department where I was working - covering the impact of the Internet on government services, the expectations of customers, how things might evolve and what new pressures online services would bring.

Somewhere along the way, I mentioned that I was more than a little surprised - having come from a banking background where milestones and achievements were measured in how many days they were from now - to have heard conversations about perhaps delivering a paper or some sort of thinking by the Autumn:


So just a few weeks ago, when I received a letter from another department that reminded me of how I started out in Government, I thought I'd post an extract here:

200811210833.jpg /

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  1. I notice they're not specific about the year of publication, nor the hemisphere in which the seasons will be experienced...