Sunday, April 12, 2009

London Marathon 2009 - two weeks today

guards2.jpgJust finished my last long run before the marathon. Home to Tower Bridge and back, following the last 4 miles of the marathon route itself, nearly arrested by some burly policemen who were closing off the road in front of Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard - I thought the crowds were starting early to get the best places ahead of the marathon.

Last time I ran London, in 2006, my race profile looked like this:

Running London Marathon 2006 23-04-2006, Pace.jpg

Plainly I went out too fast - I started the race on the white line (literally at the very front, with 1000s of people behind me, of whom at least 10,000 overtook me in the first 2 miles despite me going as fast as I could). I'm not sure if I'm starting in the same place this year, but I know enough this time to get over to the side as quickly as possible. And then I can run a little more like I ran in NY later that same year:

Race New York Marathon 05-11-2006, Pace.jpg

I finished a little slower in NY - 3:58 versus 3:51 - but I put that down to it being the second marathon in a year. My plan for London is to go out at a pretty even pace of around 5:20 to 5:30 and try and maintain that through the whole race, so finishing around 3:50 (allowing for some slowdown at the end).

For those out to watch the race, here's the course map - but there will be better maps in the newspapers in the couple of days beforehand:

Running London Marathon 2006 23-04-2006 - map.jpg


The total since September is just short of 800km. This year's totals compare pretty favourably with those for London and New York in 2006, although I was little behind last month (put that down to a week of skiing).

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