Sunday, May 10, 2009

Domain Renewal Group Scam?

Just had a nicely worded letter from a company called "Domain Renewal Group" noting that my domain name is about to expire (it is) and that I can "take advantage" of best savings by switching to them.

So not really a scam - if you read the text properly they leave an ample trail that I'll actually be switching domain registrars if I use them. On the assumption that they'd continue to manage the domain - and the web stories on this are unclear so perhaps they will, perhaps they won't - then the only question is whether this is cost effective. It isn't - there're more than twice the price that I pay currently.

Beware ... always read the fine print. Domain Renewal Group may not be all they appear to be. And they certainly charge more than you need to pay.


  1. ggoepp4:13 am

    also received letter from Domain Renewal Group.  I'd like to say that I recognized that this was a scam right away, but I didn't.  It sat on my desk for several days, and I was a little suspicious.   I hope that I helped someone not get hooked.  Pitch it in the trash! 


    I also received the same nastly  letter from  " DOMAIN  RENEWAL  GROUP "

    Even, if it not  " really a scam ", as you say, it is however an attempt to beguile people, by using nasty methods, such as ,
    " please answer before...  bla  bla... July 2009  ... otherwise you might loose your  Domain name ".

    This  - of course - is not true, because  the webmaster in question  ( myself ) is  " lodged " with another company,
    and therefore  " Domain  Renewal  Group " as No legal right ton interfere into a private contarct between I and the
    said Company who is in charge of my Domain name.

    In France, such an action might be prosecuted ! ! ! !

    Will see  ! !

    With best regards


  3. jdmaya11:02 pm

    If you have been ripped of by DOMAIN RENEWAL GROUP, file a complaint. *call the office of the New York Attorney General at, 1800 771 7755 make your verbal complaint and follow instructions.