Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5 years ago this month

40 years ago this month, they put a man on the moon ... 5 years ago this month, the Government Gateway had the following services



  1. Pascale4:02 pm

    Hi Alan,

    Cheeky question for you if I may? I currently working on the Government Gateway project - the Test Lead (nameless for privacy reasons but you know who he is), gave me the link to this site. Do you happen to know if there is an up to date slide similar to the one posted above? It would be very useful for the work I'm currently doing!

    Many thanks


  2. Pascale, I don't have a current slide but i can put you in touch perhaps with someone who does. send me a mail and i'll connect you - the nameless person has my mail address. alan

  3. Ask your client for the Gateway ABC document - has most of the customers.  Test Lead should know people to ask ;)

  4. Pascale9:04 am

    Thanks Alan and AJ! Your help is much appreciated :)