Tuesday, December 08, 2009

If Nokia loses ...

An interesting article from the Times Online:

Nokia is to shut the doors on its high-tech store in London’s Regent Street after failing to tempt consumers out of the bustling Apple store across the road with interactive translucent walls and a glitzy lounge area.

The contrasting fortunes of the rival stores reflects the current standing of the two parent companies in the consumer market. The closure of the flagship store is a symbolic defeat for Nokia which has lost ground on its Californian rival in the race to sell smart-phones in the UK as handsets such as N97 have failed to match the success of the iPhone.


It is the second time that Nokia has surrendered its position in the rejuvenated Regent Street shopping district after closing a smaller store some years ago. It follows the recent closure of Sony Ericsson’s flagship store in Kensington High Street.

An interesting codicil to my recent post speculating that Nokia would be losing market share soon.

And an update (12/12/09) from the Wall Street Journal

Nokia Corp. said Thursday that it will close two flagship stores in the U.S., the latest sign of a change in strategy for the world's largest cellphone maker as it struggled in the North American market.

Nokia also will close one of two stores in London. The U.S. flagship stores are located in New York and Chicago. Nokia currently has 12 flagship stores world-wide after the first store was opened in Moscow in 2005.

The company said the store closings are part of its global retail strategy and a realignment to focus more on cooperation with operators and other retailers.

Uhoh ... Where next?


  1. Paul Adamson9:15 pm

    Where next indeed... http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2009/12/11countersue.html...ouch. Apple kicking them right in the nokias.

  2. and that's got to hurt

  3. they make crap boring phones that aren't even compatible, whad'ya expect, course it's closing!