Sunday, March 28, 2010

Not A Lens Effect - circular rainbows

Seen in different places or at different times or at different altitudes (but all from the ground) - circular rainbows:




Monday, March 22, 2010

Spinvox exits sotto voce


Nearly 4 years after I first started using Spinvox their new owners sent me a polite text message telling me that my service would be turned off within 7 days so I'd better make alternative arrangements. I was a paying customer at first before, I'm not sure when, Spinvox decided not to charge individual customers and so gave me 1 or 2 years free use. I've been a heavy user since the beginning - perhaps 15 messages a day - so I'll miss it.

I'm checking out the competition, including VoxSciences.

Update: 24/3/10 ... I've tried the VoxSciences demo on their website. Nothing ... doesn't work ... doesn't convert my voice to text. Maybe it's just me. I'm finding it very hard to actually listen to voicemails, even after just a day

Update 28/3/10: VoxSci working now. I've taken them up on a free 7 day trial.

Update 13/5/10: I recommend these guys. Voice to text interpretation is good quality and fast. No problems in setup. VoxSci send your voicemails as text and/or as email.